“Self Discovery” a solo art exhibition by Ragini Dewan

On 18th of June the Noon Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha will inaugurate the Solo Art Exhibition by Ragini Dewan from 7:00pm till 10pm the exhibition will continue till 2nd of July.  Ragini is a graduate from the National Institute of Design, one of Asia’s most prestigious schools in India; she has been based in the UAE since 1977.

As an Artist, she is drawn towards the abstract world of art. She is exceptionally multifaceted andexperiments in a variety of art media, using glass, mono-print, acrylics and ceramics to showcase her talent. One of Raginis’ trademarks, however, is her heavily textured art, which helps in portraying an almost 3-D effect.

She refuses to stick to one style or medium when working on a piece. Instead, her acrylics and mono-prints rendezvous on canvas and paper just like the colors that she uses to brighten up her glass sculptures.

Ragini Dewan explains, As an artist, I find myself constantly growing and evolving and my artworks reflect my varied style and emotions. I am not afraid to use bold colors to express my constant state of change and self discovery; for me to create is to just “Be”.

The Art exhibition opens to the public on 18th of June at 7:00pm till 10:00pm at Noon Hotel Apartment in Al Barsha, the show will run till 2nd of July 2018.