IBM Watson Services: Growing Popularity of the Intersection of Software with Cognitive Computing Solutions Boosts Adoption

Global IBM Watson Services Market

Consistently and rapidly developing technologies hold a lion’s share in influencing the growth prospects of almost every industrial sector across the globe. Soring adoption of cognitive computing, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across a wide range of end-user industries has paved way for leading players in the global market for IBM Watson Services.

As these technologies augment human capabilities and manufacturers in different industries are aiming at improving their operational efficiencies, the adoption of IBM Watson services is expected to witness unprecedented adoption in the upcoming years. Additionally, the versatility of end-user industrial applications of IBM Watson services is creating lucrative opportunities for market players across the world.

Needs for improving the consistency and quality of diagnostics and cancer care services with the help of AI and IoT are boosting adoption of IBM Watson services across the modern healthcare sector. Increasing incorporation of IBM Watson services across the pharmaceutical industry and among medical device manufacturers plays an important role in the growth of the global market for IBM Watson services.

End-user industries, such as agriculture, automotive, and manufacturing, are likely to be the major focus for leading players in the IBM Watson services market. For example, IBM has developed the Watson Decision Platform for generating predictive information associated with the agriculture industry, which includes weather, moisture level, and data from other IoT-enabled agricultural appliances. Providing industry-specific features of IBM Watson services, it is expected to remain one of the most popular trends among market players in the upcoming years.

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