Technology: Making UAE Smarter?

Knowledge Summit 2018

Technology just might be the next biggest thing for UAE. UAE’s Authorities have been keeping an eye for potential new technologies. Technology is already changing and in most cases improving every aspect of life in UAE. His Excellency Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, the UAE’s Minister of State for AI, has high hopes for a data-driven UAE and said, “Data is the new oil.” Dubai, the largest city of UAE, aims to be the smartest and happiest city by 2020. Technology is being used to upgrade the whole country’s infrastructure and bettering the lives of many.

But, the question is how a country or a city becomes smarter? Will technology improve lifestyle in UAE?

The Economy of UAE:

The economy of UAE is diversifying over the last two years. The country’s largest financial free zones – “Abu Dhabi Global market” and “Dubai International Financial Centre” have been working hard for the past few years in order to support FinTech startups alongside the country’s well-established businesses. Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, says, ”Regional Investors must support start-ups.” Soon the economy will be taken over by tech companies.

 Already banks are adapting technology and replacing the conventional transaction methods. UAE’s 16 equity partner bank has agreed to begin implementation of “mWallet”. The “mWallet” will allow users to connect with banks through a secure mobile app. The whole economic infrastructure would be soon controlled more efficiently with the help of technology. This can be a big example of how a country can become smarter.

Job Opportunities:

 Job opportunities in the field of technology are skyrocketing. Recent research suggests tech giant Microsoft could create over 55,000 new UAE jobs over the next five years. Microsoft has developed an online academy to train graduates who may wish to make themselves more employable in the near future through its Cloud Society. About 120,000 people in the region are already engaged in this online learning portal.

 Jaime Galviz, Microsoft chief operating officer for the Middle East and Africa, said, “There has been a big change in the economy, driven by technology and the way we work, learn and communicate.” He also said, “These jobs will be created to work within a system of intelligence. More jobs will be created to promote efficiency through machine learning and artificial intelligence.” A report by International Data Corporation (IDC) also suggests that a vacancy of 520,000 people will be opened in the tech-related job sectors across the region over the next five years. A report from the World Bank on the growth of the technology sector, automation and ­artificial intelligence estimate that for every new job created, four related posts will be needed as a result.

Potential job openings in the sector are already up and running and we can safely assume it will grow even more over time with the rapid growth of technology in UAE.


Already the influence of technology has changed the lifestyle of numerous people all around UAE. Technology has taken over the day to day life of the people of UAE. The communication network has spread like a spider web. Public accessible Wi-Fi is being provided in every corner. In this country, one can do a lot without looking away from the mobile screen. Everything is becoming automated. From automated cars to automated food delivery system, everything you once thought was fiction is turning out to be fact.

And if that was not enough, UAE is on the verge of releasing a line-up of automated police service. You remember the movie – Robo-Cop? UAE has made that possible. And the UAE authorities are thinking of deploying this automated police service that operates via Artificial Intelligence by 2030.

Dubai adapted many of the modern day technology and moving towards an era of automation. Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT) and Autonomous police cars roam the city. Food is being delivered by drones. If you want your life surrounded by technology, UAE is becoming just that and a bit more. It is safe to believe that in the following few years UAE will achieve astounding grasp over technology.

There already have been visible changes all around UAE that has led everyone to believe that UAE is one step closer to becoming one of the most futuristic countries of the world. UAE is on the right track for achieving greatness in the field of technology and in near future can be a role model for other countries. UAE has been holding summits to better their concept on information science and Artificial Intelligence. The Knowledge Summit 2018 has an agenda to discuss “Data & Information” and “Artificial Intelligence”. You can find more on this in “