Alsaeed HVAC has won the Climate Control Middle East awards with Mina City evaporative cooling project

Haji project Saudi Arabia

Seeley International are proud to announce that Alsaeed HVAC has won the Climate Control Middle East awards with the biggest evaporative cooling project in the world, delivered in Mina City, Saudi Arabia.

Seeley International official distributor for Saudi Arabia, Alsaeed HVAC, has won the Editor’s choice award in the prestigious scenario of the Climate Control Middle East Awards with Mina tent city Evaporative Cooling project. Around 50,000 Breezair evaporative coolers have been installed in order to improve wellbeing of pilgrims hosted in the tent city during their journey to Mecca.

The enormous bulk order of Breezair evaporative air conditioners by the Saudi Government and Ministry of Hajj provides stateof-the-art cooling for Mecca Pilgrims during their stay in the Mina Valley tent city. The tent city is a fascinating logistics exercise involving more than 100,000 tents and houses, approximately three million people in over 20 square kilometres.

Breezair evaporative air conditioner was found to outperform more than 200 other air conditioning brands and delivered spectacular results against a comprehensive set of criteria that included energy-efficiency, reliability, performance and low environmental impact.

The harsh summertime temperatures in the Mina Valley, which can easily reach more than 45°C, were overcome by the capability of Breezair evaporative air conditioners, which kept people comfortable and provided them with fresh naturally cooled air.

Seeley International Sales Director, EMEA, Mr Xavier Delaigue, said being awarded the significant supply contract reflected the strength, innovation and durability of Breezair evaporative air conditioning, and provided an opportunity for Seeley International to showcase its ability to deliver on the large-scale order within a very short timeframe.

“Seeley International’s ever-growing export market involving more than 100 countries, has been bolstered by this extraordinary export project.” Continues Mr Delaigue “Our thanks go to Alsaeed HVAC, our distributor for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and particularly Salman Alsaeed, CEO of Alsaeed Trading Group – who provided a turnkey solution on time and within required specifications. Alsaeed HVAC commissioned and supervised this specific very large installation and in fact does so for every pilgrimage.

Managing the ongoing operation of this many air conditioning units is itself a remarkable achievement involving precision project management skills.”
Climate Control Middle East awards took place on the night of 27th November in the stunning scenario of Roda al Murooj Downtown Dubai, UAE.

The objective of this award is to recognise HVACR and allied organisations and personalities that show a strong commitment to socio-economic development and sustainable development goals, as applicable to the Middle East region, and are able to provide tangible evidence of their initiatives, best practices and exertions.

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