SANS Dubai 2019 Is Being Concerned About Region’s Cyber Security Shortage     

Participants listen to a global cyber security practitioner at a SANS training session
Participants listen to a global cyber security practitioner at a SANS training session

SANS Institute, which is known as the global leader in cybersecurity training has announced it’s next immersion style cybersecurity training program in Dubai. SANS Dubai 2019 will be held at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach from January 26 to 30,  2019. This will feature 3 of SANS’ best performing cybersecurity classes. These classes will help the participants to develop their skills to defend the organizations against security breaches.

Digitisation is an important factor for any kind of business. Every business has to keep pace with the growing digitizing all over the world. In the Middle East, organizations generally have smaller IT team and for that, they struggle to keep on top of new threats and technologies. Organizations in the Middle East continue to face lack of cybersecurity professionals. The shortage or cybersecurity professionals is becoming acute all over the world. A survey reveals that only 65% of organizations globally have cybersecurity experts. So it is really important to invest in developing cybersecurity skills of the future.

Cybercriminals really smart nowadays. They are adopting new methods to leverage big data and web-scale techniques to stage attacks and steal data. So it is a great threat for organizations, government, and individuals and they really need to develop the skills and capabilities required to manage cybersecurity risks.

SANS Dubai 2019 will really be helpful to the participants to learn directly from the world’s top cybersecurity practitioners. There will be an opportunity for the attendees to choose from three of SANS’ best performing cybersecurity classes. This will help them to accelerate their career with hands-on, immersion-style training. Cybersecurity experts, Tim Medin, Dave Shackleford and Erik Van Buggenhout will conduct training sessions.

A big advantage of such training initiatives is the creation of new recruitment and training avenues. Properly trained professionals will help their organizations to transform the security strategy and build resilience across the enterprise. SANS assures that the students will be able to use the new skills they have learned as soon as they return to work. It hopes this will be seen in action at SANS Dubai January 2019.