How to start a tour company in the United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is one of the most attractive cities in the world as far as tourism is concerned. The present-day United Arab Emirates is the extremely well-known traveler destination. All things considered, there are perfect conditions for a resort vacation: all year positive atmosphere, azure coast, old design landmarks, and stunning modern buildings. But the most important aspect is that the government of the United Arab Emirates makes considerable efforts for the development of the tourism and entertainment industry.  The blend of these components makes the purview appealing for the running of the tourist business.

Adaptable professional environment, the tolerance of the local population and qualified personnel make the Emirates the ideal place for opening a travel agency or a company. The process to start any tourist agency is really easy in UAE. Anyone can start a tourist agency by following some simple steps and make their business legitimate.

The procedure to open a travel agency in Dubai isn’t really complex if all the important strides for registration are followed. It is also critical to apply for the correct kind of the tourism license permit while considering opening a Dubai travel agency. The following types of licenses are available at the moment:

  • The travel company license,
  • The travel agency license,
  • The inbound travel operator license,
  • The outbound travel operator license.

After obtaining one of these licenses, the investor must deposit 100000 Dirhams with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.