How to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

Dubai. Photo Credit: Khalid A . AL-Saif

For a city that flaunts a world-class open transportation framework, there’s frequently a confusion that movement among Dubai and Abu Dhabi is nigh on impossible if you don’t get in a car and drive there yourself. While in the past this may have been valid, both Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority and the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi have buckled down lately to correct this issue.

Traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is speedy and affordable thanks to transportation choices including an airplane terminal transport, public bus, taxi, and rental car. With both cities located only 90 minutes apart, you have no reason not to make the trip between Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are connected by convenient modes of transpiration.

The cheapest way of travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or the vice-versa by public transpiration is by taking the public bus. The two hour journey costs only AED 25 (about $6.81) a way.