Top 6 Artists under 40 : Inspiration of Thousands

Planet X. Author Bennu, 45 x 50 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas.

We have come to know about the top best 10 arts of the year of 2018, where a total of 6 artists under the age of 40 have made it possess places in the ranking. This global ranking was published on 11 January 2019. One thing for sure, and that is one doesn’t need to be above the age of 40 to become a millionaire, because two artists among those six have earned more than a million dollars through this art. Both of them are just 35 years old!

Short description of these 6 artists are given below:

1.    Njideka Akunyili Crosby: Being born in 1983, this Nigerian-born visual artist is currently working in Los Angeles, California. She is currently holding the no.1 place of the ranking. Her artwork the ‘Mimetic Gestures’ obtained the first position of the list which was sold on 18th May 2018 at a price of $1 932 500. This is the highest paid artwork on that list. Her other artwork holds the 3rd place which was sold at the price of $1 392 500 on 16th November 2018. She earned a total of $3 325 000 from these 2 artworks.

2.    HAO Liang: This 35years old Chinese artist holds the second and fourth place with two of his famous artworks. One is named as the ‘Shell’ which holds the second place. This artwork was sold at $1 855 061 and was sold in 30th September 2018. The other one is ‘The Hunter and the Transformations of Hell’ which sold at $1 361 398 on 24th November 2018. HAO Liang mainly is working to reinvent the traditional Chinese ink wash painting.

3.    Avery Singer: Avery Singer was born in 1987 in NY. Most of her artworks are in tones of black and white. She currently has the 5th, 7th and 8th position of this global ranking. Her artwork the ‘Fellow Travelers, Flaming Creatures’ holds the 5th place whereas her other two artworks – the ‘Saturday Night’ and the ‘Flute Soloist’ respectively hold the 7th and 8th place. She has earned a total of $1 761 000.

4.    JIA Chang: This artist was born in 1981. Chang holds the 6th place of the ranking with the artwork ‘Elephant’ which was sold on 17th June 2018 at $678 805.

5.    Cory Archangel: He was born in 25th May 1978 in Buffalo, New York, United States. Currently, he works at Brooklyn in New York in different media such as drawing, music, videos and so on. Speaking about that ranking, his artwork holds 9th position. He completed his artwork with the help of Adobe Photoshop CS. It was sold in 17th May 2018 at the price of $399 000.

6.    Nate Lowman: The American artist was born in Las Vegas in 1979. He is mainly famous for the twist he makes in pop art. He has managed to take the 10th place of the table. The name of his artwork is ‘Escalade’. Its price was $350 000 and was sold on 15th November 2018.

These six artists are currently possessing the table of the top 10 highest paid artworks. The arts are simply amazing. And the best of all is, all of them are just 40 or less than 40 age which gives us the message that age doesn’t matter when success is the concern. You just need to work hard and be technical and maintain your genuineness so that you can express your true potential. Indeed these six artists have established examples and have established their footmarks for the young generation to follow. They will forever be the inspirations of thousands of young people.

Source: PRNewswire.

Planet X. Author Bennu, 45 x 50 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas.

Photo Credit: Planet X. Author Bennu, 45 x 50 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas.