Over 2 days of conversations on the entertainment sector outlook International experts crowd at Cinema Build KSA Forum in Riyadh 14 April

Leila Masinaei, the Managing Partner at Great Minds Group

Saudi Arabia is tuned in to witness the launch of an unprecedented event dedicated to cinemas and movie theatres construction, the Cinema Build KSA forum will take place in the Four Seasons in Riyadh on the 14th & 15th of April this year.

Organized by Eye of Cities in collaboration with Great Minds Event Management, Cinema Build KSA Cinema Build KSA Forum will be an exclusive event bringing together the key stakeholders across the construction sector to discuss the design and construction of world-class cinemas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event will also unveil a wide range of new building solutions and equipment used in developing future Cinemas, Multiplexes and Malls and will serve as a key contributor to the industry.

While the world eyes Saudi’s efforts to open for social and entertainment activities, in connection with the kingdom vision 2030 program that aims to pursue economic reforms with efforts to reduce dependence on oil, Saudi Arabia is unlocking the massive potential of their cinema market and aggressively inviting global and local providers to participate in these business opportunities.

Cinema Build KSA serves as a platform gathering experts from around the globe to be a part of the Saudi ambitious plans of opening over 2,500 screens in the next five years. With the licenses being issued to the first set of exhibitors, the authorities are setting up a clear road map to achieve their plan in becoming leaders in developing world-class cinemas.

The event is part of MENA Cinema Forum series which has gained a great reputation and brand exposure in the region and internationally and will offer an unparalleled experience and networking opportunities.

Commenting on Cinema Build KSA, Leila Masinaei, the Managing Partner at Great Minds Group, the organizer of the forum, said: “cinema industry is the MENA region is undergoing a massive and rapid expansion phase. The lifting of the 35-year cinema ban in KSA, fast population growth and urbanization, and the regional focus on economic diversification and new strategies that focus on the leisure and entertainment sectors are amongst some of the key factors for this growth. We, therefore, launched the region’s first Cinema Focused Conference and Expo in Dubai in October of 2018. The event was a huge success. At the event, we learned about everyone’s appetite for the KSA market, and received numerous requests to host a specific event in KSA”.

She added: “what we aim for with Cinema Build KSA is to find out ways to bridge the gap between plans laid out by the authorities and the available expertise, suppliers and technical. We also aim to help estimate the workability and matching of the ambitious timelines by learning from regional and international experts about the best and most efficient options for design, construction, technical and technological advancements, business models and regulatory perspectives to meet global standards. At the moment, it is clear that the Kingdom is encouraging influx of regional and international experts to increase the number of suppliers of cinema-specific construction materials and cinema technology to  help meet the market’s requirements”