Art to Z: spring group exhibition

14th March – 26th April 2019 
Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday 11am-6pm
or by appointment +971 585576369

Akka Project Dubai, First al Khail Road, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

A swirl of colors, shapes and styles united into celebration to close the Dubai artistic season before the beginning one in Venice, Italy.

An art exhibition that bring together African Art and Culture to the Dubai community.

“Art to Z” will exhibit works by artists internationally recognized as Ismael Kataregga and Cyrus Kabiru together with artworks by emerging artists such as Kadara Enyeasi, David Thuku, Maina Boniface to just mention few.

Linda Hollier, a South African artist will exhibit in the gallery for the first time. Her artwork #Interact2connect interweaves new digital technology with tactile material in a stunning project  able to connect technology to reality and the people in it.

Special event “Arty Party” on March 18th

Everyone is invited to this reunion of friendship and cross cultural connections.

4-6pm Enjoy the afternoon with a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

4pm Efro & Co live-installation “The Salon: and artistic interpretation”
5pm #Interact2connect” by Linda Holler

7-10pm DJ Queen Bri will heat-up the early evening with her music

Linda Hollier (link)

Already well known for her masterful use of slow shutter photography and apps available for ‘painting’ on her cellphone screen, Linda takes a step further and prints these works on a thin gauze-like fabric used for traditional Ethiopian shawls which she came upon at a festival, during a visit to Rome.

The transparency of the cloth, when held to the light, offers a further dimension as it ‘interacts’ with its surrounding, incorporating objects or people who are behind it. Not only does the actual environment become a background for the work but Linda, in her constant work of connecting technology to reality and the people in it, asks people she meets to hold up the works. This connects the person, to the surrounding, to the digitally created work creating a circular interaction.

This reminds us that everything is connected.

“The Salon: and artistic interpretation”
by Efro & Co in collaboration with Dahlia Mahmoud

Efro & Co is a brand centred on ethical fabric, designs and production. The styles of each collection bolster a sense of originality and East African traditions. The installation for “Arty Party” is designed to bring a sense of African everyday beauty inside the art gallery.
The beauty of the culture is mimicked in the set design, raw materials, bold colours and synthesised photographic elements will bring in a mystical sense of juxtaposed african nostalgia and futurism. People will be invited to interact with the experiential designs and the performances. Traditional Ethiopian coffee and finger food will be served during the event to delight all the senses.

About Akka Project (link)

AKKA Project presents multidimensional exhibitions and immersive art experiences. It highlights the magic behind contemporary art, specifically promoting artists from Africa and its diaspora. AKKA Project goes beyond the viewer’s expectations of one-dimensional offering, which is typically found in art galleries. Rather it focuses on creating a holistic and multi-sensory experience for anyone who takes interest in art.