Telecommunication and its future

When information is exchanged by electronic devices over a significant distance, it is called telecommunication. It exchanges information such as words, sounds, images in the form of electromagnetic signals over large distance.

 As the growth of the telecommunication industry is increasing day by day, our way of communication will be different in the future. In the future from 5G networks to the internet of things, from clouds to optical fibre will be introduced as new technologies in the telecommunications sector. This is a big leap in the telecommunications sector and they are ready to embrace this huge step forward. As the requirement for data services is increasing, the growth of this sector will continue increasing over the next few years.

 Many things like the things of the internet, data storage, secured and faster connections are overriding for businesses and the everyday life of consumers. According to the reports of Euronews’ Claudio Rosmino, at the Capacity Europe conference, the experts of telecommunications sector have revealed the upcoming level of rebellion which are 5G networks, optical fibre and new types of clouds in London. Even just a few years ago the improvement and achievement level of the telecoms galaxy was impossible to think. New opportunities will be created with the arrival of new technologies, 5G broadband, most likely in 2020. To reduce vulnerability remarkable security conditions will be needed for this context.

The Product Director of Capacity Europe, Vanessa Barbe said that they are trying to anticipate where the market is going and artificial intelligence is coming which is something real. It is already being profit oriented in the financial sector of many industries. 5G, which depends on fibre optic provides lower latency and extent scope. It is also 10 times quicker than today’s 4G. Intensified storage scope and significant calculation power will be needed to guide such a difficult ‘ecosystem’. According to the Vice President, Line of Business IP and Data at Sparkle, Giuseppe Valentino, as the use of advanced machines will be expanded, the technological evolution makes the requirement for intelligence, or extra calculation power more and more which is applicable from an execution belief. So there will be large foundations but they will also require more brainpower which is abstracted from these foundations.

 The blockchain is a great creation which is known as a new type of internet tool that enables digital information to be issued. For example, in the sector of data protection, this technology is now searching for other new prospective uses. Kevin Vachon, the CEO of MEF said that blockchain is playing a part regarding how companies deal. Especially how telecommunication companies administer transactions together, run a business together. So it is a modern type of technology which is going to ease all types of transactions in the telecommunication sector.

To confront the online fraud and the need to ensure privacy for the individuals has been growing since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations came into rule. According to Vanessa Barbe, data protection is a large movement in today’s world. Everyone is discussing this and their customers desire what preserve their final consumers at the end of the day, with GDPR approaching into play in the European Union and in Europe. A recent report provided by the world’s main international carriers said that identity fraud is one of the most general fraud and every year it costs around 18 billion euros in revenue in trickery in the telecoms sector.

To confront this challenge the universal production has not yet discovered a general ground by this time. The head of Fraud Prevention Operations and Services at BICS, Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez urge that to solve this problem global strategy is required in the telecoms sector and everyone needs to work together, not their own. Clouds and optical fibres, 5G, the internet of things will be the infrastructures of advanced ‘ecosystem’. The competition for the forthcoming has just initiated. It will proceed a long way.

Source: Euronews.