What things to keep in mind while traveling to Dubai?


Dubai has been named the seventh most visited city in the world. Over 14 million visitors visited Dubai last year. Dubai dazzled the visitors with its glittering skyline, man-made islands, massive shopping malls, and luxury hotels. Culture in Dubai can be very clear-cut. How should you dress? Should you tip waiters? Can you drink alcohol? Here are some tips for safe travel and fun times in Dubai.

Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates, a Muslim country, which implies you ought to consider dressing somewhat more modest o in public areas and follow the dress code while visiting a Mosque. While you won’t be captured or requested to put on something else, it’s essential to respect the local culture.

Dubai isn’t the most straightforward place to be spontaneous. In case you’re going out for supper, pick a restaurant ahead of time and reserve a spot. Not at all like many other bustling cities, it’s not all that simple to simply shake up someplace and get a table, particularly to the more upmarket restaurants.

There are a lot of extraordinary independent restaurants in Dubai, yet none of them are authorized to serve alcohol. If you’re planning to have a few drinks, make sure you’re going to restaurants and bars that sit within a hotel complex.

Dubai is the second most secure city on the planet. Dubai is a lot more secure than other huge urban areas of the world and the crime rate is very low. Walking around at night is safe as street crime is rare. One can easily find taxis at night and it is safe for traveling.