Can’t Find a Place to Live While Visiting in UAE? Not a Problem!

Photo Credit: Sharjah - Nigh time photo. Author: marviikad from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

The UAE is one of the biggest tourist holders in the world. Every year the country is getting more and more tourists than ever. There are lots of big cities and here such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi and so on.

Statistics say that only Dubai attracted 13.2 million tourists in 2014 whereas in 2015 they were able to attract 14.2 million of tourists. Within a year the number increased to 14.87 million. In 2017 the number was almost 15.79 million! This stat clearly reflects how much tourists visit Dubai every year for which it is estimated that the tourist number will increase to 20 million by 2020. Just imagine, this huge number of tourist just visit Dubai each year. Then how much people come to visit the whole UAE every year? No doubt it is an unimaginable number.

Now whenever a tourist goes anywhere to visit the place, he/she searches for a good hotel to stay there. No doubt this huge number of tourists want to spend their nights in good hotels here. Thus a good number of hotels is needed to accommodate the tourists.

Let’s talk about Dubai first. If a person comes to Dubai, for sure he will visit the shopping malls here. Dubai has been ranked in the top 5 in terms of shopping in the world. Thus an outsider will try to find ‘Dubai hotels near malls.’ Thus one will find famous hotels like Taj Dubai. The Oberoi, Hyatt Regency Dubai and so on.

Now a tourist for sure will visit the Downtown area of Dubai. Because the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai such as the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the mighty Burj Khalifa, etc are situated in the downtown. Now for sure, a tourist will try to get to Dubai hotels near Downtown as most of the famous architectures are situated in the Downtown area.

Well, many of the tourists ask for Dubai hotels near the airport. Indeed there are lots of hotels near the airport in Dubai which are quite cheap compared to other hotels. You will find all kinds of hotels in this area including 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars. One thing for sure, if you are willing to visit this wonderful city, you will never face any kinds of problems regarding hotels.

Well, there is good news for all the tourists. People are going to have another 5-star hotel. This is going to be one of the tallest Dubai hotels 5 star. It is known that Dubai is the nexus of some of the world’s famous and luxurious. Thus they have planned to increase the number and therefor SBE, a NY based hospitality group has made a partnership with World of Wonders Real Estate Development for making the first SLS property in the middle east which is going to get the recognition of one of the tallest towers of the UAE.

A good thing about these Dubai hotels is that they are trying their best to reduce plastic usage as much as they can. Many hotels have come forward to reduce usage. For example, we can name the Hilton group. Hilton has succeeded to eliminate the use of plastic straws from all the UAE hotels. They also have removed the use of plastic bottles in meetings and seminars. As a result, approximately 3.5 million straws and more than 2 million plastic bottles will be removed each year from all 25 hotels of Hilton in the UAE. They also have decreased the usage rate of plastic food and beverage products and plastic bags at a huge amount.

Aren’t able to find the best hotels in Dubai? It is as simple as this, we have mother Google with us. Just type- ‘Dubai hotels Downtown’ or ‘Dubai hotels Airport’ or whatever place you want and you will find the exact hotel that you are searching for.

Now coming to the Abu Dhabi hotels. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi luxury hotels will give you an opportunity to spend luxurious nights. Many names may come in this concern such as the Andaz Capital Gate of Abu Dhabi. It is the world’s farthest leaning man-made building which leans almost 18 degrees to the west and an incline four times greater than the Pisa tower. This hotel gives you the panoramic view of the city of Abu Dhabi and the hotel is also close to many of the main tourist attractions of the city such as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Ferrari World. Even the standard guest rooms are spacious, thus a tourist can easily afford a room and enjoy the visit with a panoramic view as the more upscale suites. If somebody asks about another Abu Dhabi hotel’s luxury, then the name of the St. Regis hotel will come for sure. If you have money to burn, then this hotel is perfect for you. You may ask why this is said about this hotel. Well, then you should know about the price of just a single night in the hotel. The starting price of this hotel is $11,978 per night! This hotel is there for ultimate luxury and a truly otherworldly hotel experience. Typically the VIP persons such as the heads of states, govt. delegates celebrate like Diego Maradona. Rio Ferdinand etc. book this hotel. If you can afford this hotel, you will be rewarded with four bedrooms, a private library, cinema, spa and what not! Well, all these types of hotels in Abu Dhabi are there to offer you complete luxury.

Photo Credit: Sharjah - Nigh time photo. Author: marviikad from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

 Sharjah is another big city in the country. You may want to stay in the Sharjah hotels if you are visiting this city. There are lots of tourist attractions such as Al Mamzar Beach Park, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Art and Culture, Al Qasba and so on. If you want to visit all these places then you will try to find a hotel room in here. You will find many quality hotels such as Al Salam Grand Hotel, the Act Hotel, Copthorne Hotel, etc.

UAE has come up with various unique ideas. For example, Marriott International recently has launched a recruitment drive for future Emirati general managers and senior executives. In this way, they are turning young UAE nationals into senior management executives. Some of the hotels working with the furniture which are usually kept at home but aren’t usable by now.

Indeed there will be no problem regarding hotels if someone wants to visit UAE. Surely you will find UAE best hotels here. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and visa and come to the land of wonder- United Arab Emirates!