MAG Lifestyle Development has deployed Salesforce, a cutting-edge platform, that will strengthen the efficiency and speed of sales operations by as much as 70 percent

UAE Business Magazine

Arabic Acrobat Reader A part of the digital strategy of MAG Lifestyle Development (MAG LD), the property development arm of MAG Group Holding, the implementation of Salesforce automates various processes that are associated with the sales function of the company thereby ensuring a seamless customer experience and quicker transactions.

With over 15,000 residential units under development by MAG LD, the activation of Salesforce will drive sales through multiple platforms including online, a mobile app and MAG LD’s agent portal, accelerating the speed of sales by 70 per cent.

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah – CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development, said: “As a digital-first and future-ready company, we continuously seek to automate our processes that add greater operational efficiency and enhanced customer service standards. With the utilisation of Salesforce, a world-leading platform, we will deliver a more seamless and faster sales process to the highest standards of transparency and customer care. This also underlines our commitment to leveraging advanced digital technologies to meet and exceed the aspirations of the new generation of digital-savvy customers.”

With the implementation of Salesforce, MAG LD targets sales of over AED 200 to 250 million per month, compared to earlier sales reports of AED125 million monthly through its dedicated team of sales personnel. The new platform enables MAG LD to identify and attract the right profile of customers, promote meaningful conversation and mark seamless sales processes.

MAG LD has rolled out Sales Cloud Lightning, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Pardot as part of the digital transformation, contributing to more efficient sales cycle and increased revenues. All aspects of the operations are documented – from marketing efficacy to customer satisfaction is tracked, enabling MAG LD’s senior management to make smarter and real-time decisions.

With Salesforce, MAG LD’s sales team can access the entire inventory of the company whether they are out in the field or from the sales centres using a Mobile App. This helps them to respond to qualified leads, in turn, cutting the time taken to undertake the sales process.

Customers are issued a digital receipt via a community built on Community Cloud as soon as they make a deposit. They can also access details about future payments and raise service requests in addition to receiving updates on the progress in construction of their homes. Historical data from the previous five years has also been migrated to platform ensuring updates for customers/home-owners regarding the service and maintenance of their properties.

The majority of sales bookings are happening via agencies, so it’s vital to manage these relationships effectively and improve agency satisfaction. The Salesforce platform gives the agencies the flexibility to generate sales quotes, introduce customers, and sell properties from anywhere, while speeding up commission calculations and pay outs.