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The idea of ​​an ordinary tourist. Disappeared Miracles of The World in the UAE

November 19, 2017 V G 0

In my opinion, the UAE is a country embodying grandiose projects and incredible dreams and striving to surprise the whole world. The ordinary tourist accidentally came up with an idea: it would be interesting if in each emirate the lost miracles of human civilization were recreated. Parts of one miracle of Light could be represented in each emirate and as in a mosaic combined into a single complex. Of course, this is only an idea for which you need a sound business plan. But I think it would be very interesting for tourists to see this, given that the UAE is a country where ideas are striving for the stars, where dreams are born. Read more

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The Concept of Using E-business and Online Marketing for Companies

October 18, 2017 V G 0

The use of information technologies in the economy improves operational efficiency of companies. The Internet became an essential tool for successful trading in local and international markets. A new concept of e-business will have significant impact on the future economic development of the country. The establishment of the Ministry of e-business would be a big step towards innovative development of the state. Read more

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Conception of informational technology usage in public administration

February 25, 2016 V G 0

The core of informational technology usage conception in public administration is all about Joint Information Center and public communication supervision and an interaction logging that is held by information management system. The system includes automated online rating of particular public servants and managers and whole state agency. All citizens’ unfilled requests escalate to the superior level of public administration until dispute would be settled. This conception enables marketing of public communication on the state level. Read more

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E-commerce capabilities to promote brand-products

February 24, 2016 V G 0

A great number of companies that offer products under exclusive brands in different markets do not use capabilities of e-commerce in full. And this is essential and quite appropriate for companies brand owners. Read more

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Public relations by means of Internet technologies

February 17, 2016 V G 0

Marketing specialists can competently identify the target audience and establish direct contact with potential and existing customers and consumers by means of Internet technologies. This contributes to the timely detection of problems in the company and customers’ needs. Read more