Digital Transformation Summit
Nov 13 – Nov 14 all-day

The Abu Dhabi Digital Transformation Summit is hosted to support the smart government development by providing a platform for government authorities leading this drive to interact and engage with key industry partners, stake-holders, local and international ICT experts to demonstrate thought leadership and present case studies on the latest trends and global best practices that will drive the digital government transformation strategy and agenda.

Utility Scale Solar
Nov 14 – Nov 15 all-day

The Utility Scale Solar Summit is the pivotal place for Middle Eastern, European and North Africa utilities to further develop new relationships to win business.

The strategic programme will be led by utility solar companies from the region, international EPCs, O&Ms from the international community. Experts showcasing their products will experience tailored sessions that focus on business development and knowledge sharing of the latest industry trends.

The 3rd Annual Air Quality and Noise Control GCC summit
Nov 20 – Nov 21 all-day

The 3rd Annual Air Quality and Noise Control GCC summit will gather for the third time government officers, health and medical practitioners, researchers, industry executives and international authorities to discuss, share and collaborate on the issues of ambient and indoor air quality and noise management.

The Sales Optimization& Marketing Excellence Summit – Dubai 2017
Nov 26 – Nov 27 all-day
Drainage & Flood Control Summit
Nov 26 – Nov 27 all-day

Rapid urbanization in Saudi Arabia is putting further strain in the existing municipal and civil amenities. There arises an urgent need for efficient management of resources and effectively designing an effective drainage and sewerage infrastructure to meet these needs. Torrential floods and rains in the region over the last few years have caused a lot of damage while uncovering the ineffective drainage systems in many parts of the country.

There is also a necessity to recharge the depleting ground water by having efficient ways to harness water with proper distribution methods and drainage systems through effective regulation. Currently the storm water flood management and drainage contracts are worth $270 Million across the 14 governorates in Saudi Arabia. There is a need for developing strategies to develop a volatile drainage & storm water network to stay in tune with the
future demands of the city.

Nispana’s inaugural “Drainage & Flood Control Summit” scheduled on the 26 & 27 November 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will bring the collective intelligence of stakeholders and also the acumen of visionary speakers in an effort to catalyse collaboration between the public & private stakeholders to exchange knowledge & share best practices for developing, refurbishing, operating and sustaining drainage chains for Saudi Arabia.

Business Transformation Design & Delivery @ Dusit Thani, Dubai, UAE
Dec 5 – Dec 7 all-day

Transforming to the new normal

To tackle the challenge of sustained lower oil prices and the impending implementation of VAT, businesses need to diversify operating models to seize the opportunities brought about by an increasingly digitized society. A recent study showed that embracing digital transformation could generate US$16.9 billion in extra revenue each year for companies in the Middle East from 2017 to 2021. For this reason, the region’s businesses are embracing digital disruption to enhance their customer engagement as well as transform their traditional business offerings.

With this in mind, we are delighted to organize the Business Transformation Summit taking place from 5-7 December 2017 in Dubai, UAE, which aims to foster the alignment of business transformation with digital transformation in order to help enhance the core business offerings of all organizations. We aim to provide a forum where the key industries of the GCC can discuss and learn about the key transformations taking place in the market today.