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Dubai Makes History with Transport Technology

December 13, 2017 UAE Business 0

In recent times, Dubai has become the home for culturing new and innovative transport technologies of the world. The city has witnessed the testing of several transport technologies ranging from super fast vehicles, air taxies, and autonomous drones which have emerged in response to road traffic and rampant accidents. Hyperloop One, an idea originated by Elon Musk is one of such technologies that seek to build advanced trains using magnetic levitation and vacuum-sealed tubes. Another is the Smart Autonomous Vehicle EZ10, a programmed minibus that runs on electricity and has sensors installed to react to its surroundings. The EZ10 has been tested on the grounds of Dubai and had about 92% endorsement by the public. With full support from the top governing body of Dubai, the continues effort to revolutionize the transport area is unending. The drone taxi (Volocopter) has been tested in collaboration with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The flying taxi which could help the Dubai police respond to situations in seconds contains an emergency parachute for onboard personnel and has been designed with a speed of 30mph. Read more