Facilio: Reimagining the facilities experience

January 10, 2019 UAE Business 0

Dubai’s and the region’s Smart City & Sustainability aspirations are driving an emphasis on identifying opportunities to embrace innovation. Facilio – a start up headquartered in Atlanta USA, and with operations across Middle East and India, has been steadily creating a reputation for its Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT based approach to facilities management, helping buildings operate better, increasing their energy efficiency and enhancing livability. We spoke to Founder and CEO Prabhu Ramachandran to gain an insight into the company’s approach. Read more

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Travel Technology Trends

June 4, 2018 UAE Business 0

We recently caught up with Traveltek’s Senior Vice President of Sales for the Americas, Frances Riley, to discuss his views on the importance of technology in the travel industry and the tech trends he believes travel professionals need to follow to stay ahead of the game. Three months into his role, here’s what Francis had to say… Read more

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Citizenship by investment Programmes are the new insurance policy of the 21st century for businesspersons and international families

July 25, 2017 UAE Business 0

Micha-Rose said: “Citizenship by investment programmes are becoming increasingly popular among businesspersons and international families because they truly are the insurance policy of the 21st century.” The advantages are clear – flexibility, mobility, and the freedom to live and work in an increasingly global environment.” Read more