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Biometric Wearables to Disrupt the Automotive Industry

November 18, 2016 UAE Business 0
Tremendous growth opportunities arise as automakers partner with technology providers, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility team Advancements in biometrics will radically transform the driving experience, health wellness and wellbeing (HWW), and security of vehicles by 2025. As one in three new passenger vehicles begin to feature fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, gesture recognition, heart beat monitoring, brain wave monitoring, stress detection, fatigue monitoring, eyelid monitoring, facial monitoring, and pulse detection. These will be driven by built-in, brought-in and cloud enabled technologies, the automotive biometrics ecosystem will surge ahead. Major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers must stay abreast of technologies, business models, and regulations shaping this dynamic space.

“Partnerships between automotive OEMs and wearable companies will result in faster penetration of biometrics within the automotive industry , allowing OEM’s to save on biometrics related R&D expenditure, while creating growth avenues for wearables companies” said Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility Analyst. “New business models such as device as a service and health as a service will also emerge.”
The Biometrics in the Global Automotive Industry, 2016–2025 analysis, a part of Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive & Transportation Growth Partnership Service program, finds that OEMs and suppliers are investing in advanced biometrics based on human machine interaction (HMI) concepts such as natural language and gesture recognition. They are also vertically integrating and funding relevant start-ups to build a stronger portfolio. Read more

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Finance conference points the way forward for shipping and trade

November 17, 2016 UAE Business 0

Abu Dhabi, 17Th November 2016: The second The Maritime Standard Ship Finance and Trade Conference, held in Abu Dhabi at the Sheraton Hotel and Resort, took full advantage of a stellar panel of speakers to chart a course for the future of the shipping and maritime sectors at an uncertain time politically and economically in world markets. Read more

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Emerging Markets Focus on Platform Sustainment to Thrive in the Global Defense Industry

November 15, 2016 UAE Business 0
The Middle East and Asian regions present the best growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Aerospace & Defense Team Electric rail and laser weapons and hypersonic missiles will begin to replace current weapons. Defense majors are focusing on missile defense, counter rocket artillery and mortar, counter space and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications. South Korea, Japan, India, Poland and Brazil will gain market share, mostly thanks to platform manufacturing. Countries with advanced defense technology will work on enhancing speed, range, accuracy and networking of weapons, leaving the manufacture of aircraft, ship and ground vehicles to mid-tier nations.

Global Defense Vision is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Defense Growth Partnership Service program, which also includes insights on airports, US Department of Defense spending, unmanned aircraft systems payloads, security control rooms and missile defense. Read more