Emirate Aircraft from India catch fire prior to landing at Dubai Airport

August 3, 2016 UAE Business 0

Boeing 777 jet (Emirate’s EK521)  which was making a flight from Trivandrum International Airport (India) to Dubai Airport (UAE) has encountered a clash right before landing at the Dubai Airport. The Emirates flight is witnessed to have caught fire while in air – with witnesses at the airport saying that smoke was seen around the plane even before landing. It is known that the flight captain gave an emergency signal just about when EK521 was supposed to be getting ready for landing. Read more

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Next-Gen Solutions Will Transform Facility Management Market within 5 Years

July 30, 2016 UAE Business 0
The global outsourced FM market will near $1 trillion by 2025, with integrated FM as the fastest growing segment, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Energy & Environment Team The next 5 years will be defining ones for the facility management (FM) market. As services mature and commoditise, innovation through new business models, technology deployment, and more sophisticated value propositions will be critical for growth. Enabling technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and advanced connectivity will drive efficiency for both service suppliers and clients, while changes to both the future workplace and workforce create robust opportunities for integrated workplace change management solutions. Partnerships, collaboration and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) will increase to facilitate service integration, convergence with energy management, delivery of business productivity, smart technology, and internationalisation of contracts. Successful suppliers will position themselves as client advisors on business productivity in order to provide a value proposition beyond mere cost management.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, The Future of Facility Management (http://www.frost.com/sublib/display-report.do?id=MBEB-01-00-00-00&src=PR), finds that the market will touch $945.11 billion by 2025 with integrated FM (IFM) as the fastest growing segment. The study examines 8 trends transforming the FM market and envisions the industry in ten years’ time. The research offers growth projections, a vision of future competition, technology impact, emerging business models, and details the key Mega Trends shaping the market. Read more

The Desert Rose City of Dubai: New Developments

July 25, 2016 UAE Business 0

The United Arab Emirates have continuously showed commitment towards global goals even before the launch of the recent Sustainable Development Goals. From green technology and innovation, the Emirates are soaring on top of their game. These development which can be rightfully tagged and sustainable, and at some point regarded as responsible production and consumption is very much contributing to the economic development of the emirates. Read more

Occupational Health and Safety Officer to be compulsory for Emirate Companies

July 25, 2016 UAE Business 0

Occupational health and safety is an administration set up in larger companies to prevent employees from being injured or contracting diseases in the course of their employment. This often becomes a necessity when the job at hand has a level of risk during work and thus, risk assessment can demonstrate a possible threshold limit value considering the pollutants or risks associated with the work. Construction companies, manufacturing industries, food processing industries, and other sectors where workers are exposed to toxins, injury, and possibly, death. Read more

Trade of Imitative Phones in the Emirates

July 25, 2016 UAE Business 0

With several smart phone brands reigning on the market, it is the desire of most youth to acquire the best and classy mobile phone. Most often the qualities consumers look for are the version of the operating system, camera quality, lasting battery, internal memory capacity, and size/weight of the phone. Read more

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Oil Economy to Tourism Economy, UAE

July 24, 2016 UAE Business 0

Economic development targeted at one sector of a country’s economy is a risky play; so as investments into the weak sector of an existing economy. For all developed and super economic countries, there is a multi-focused sector that generates revenue; and for all top billionaires, there is a variety of investments in different sectors. The United Arab Emirates is known to be an oil-fuelled economy, however, there are other sectors that are boosting the economic performance of UAE – Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism. UAE keeps pushing for new developments that strengthen their tourism sector to positively impact the emirates Gross Domestic Production. Investors must target these sectors of the UAE. Read more

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A take on Abu Dhabi’s cheapest 1-bed apartment renting localities

July 20, 2016 UAE Business 0

Life in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is changing by the day. Taking a leaf out of neighbouring Dubai’s book, the emirate is on course to transforming itself to become one of the leading tourism and commercial hubs in the Middle East and North African region. For years, Abu Dhabi has been the industrial hub of the nation, housing industries ranging from oil refineries to cement manufacturing. Its port is already among the leading freight and cargo-handling facilities in the world and provides livelihood to thousands of expat and national workers. Read more

Dubai Silicon Oasis Completes Student Accommodation Complex

July 11, 2016 UAE Business 0

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the regulatory body for Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the integrated free zone technology park, has announced the completion of construction work on a 10,000 square meters student accommodation complex built at a total investment value of AED56 million. Read more

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The Benefits of United States Warehousing and Distribution Services for UAE Companies

June 27, 2016 UAE Business 0

The scenario is a familiar one, not just for companies in the United Arab Emirates, but for businesses throughout the Middle East and across Asia and Europe as well. Your products are selling well, and you see strong growth in the e-commerce market. You are getting to the point in size and scale where you think it might be time to expand overseas. The only problem is that breaking into foreign markets—particularly the lucrative United States market—brings significant logistical expenses. Read more

The Bigger Picture: Dubai International as Viewed from Space

June 23, 2016 UAE Business 0

Dubai International (DXB) makes an indelible impression even when viewed from outer space with the addition of Concourse D. Concourse D, which is the last major facility that DXB has space for, has boosted the airport’s annual capacity to 90 million passengers. But the lack of space is not stopping the airport from growing. Dubai Airports has announced plans to increase DXB’s capacity to 118 million passengers per year by 2023 without building any additional infrastructure. The airport operator recently unveiled a new programme, dubbed DXB Plus, as part of its revised masterplan. DXB Plus will boost throughput and enhance service through the design and implementation of customer-centric processes and the application of smart technology. More information is available at www.damasterplan.ae

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Marginal growth in rents bodes well for Dubai, Abu Dhabi

June 22, 2016 UAE Business 0

The real estate market of UAE sailed stably in May 2016 and despite some fluctuations, it managed to post positive figures overall. Apartment rents in the two main emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, exhibited marginal growths in the outgoing month, thought the increase was more pronounced in Dubai. Read more

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Getting VoIP in the UAE

June 22, 2016 UAE Business 0

In recent years, TRA policies have relaxed only slightly to allow businesses and consumers to receive VoOP in the UAE. The TRA is the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates, and was established in 2003 to regulate the sector and ensure competitiveness and that service providers met all obligations. With eight departments and roughly 200 employees, it’s a powerful arm of the government. With the UAE’s growing knowledge-based economy and the ever-increasing sophistication of telecomms, this organization has a key role in getting VoIP capabilities into the UAE. Read more