“Bennu” – the rising of an Artist

December 11, 2018 UAE Business 0

3Inviting all artlovers to visit Bennu’s online gallery www.bennu7777.com  

Dubai, 11th December 2018 –  Bennu started painting professionally from 2015 and since has developed an extensive body of artworks. The paintings are a combination of Oils & Acrylics on canvas and the colors offer a backdrop to the stories that are told in bold strokes and vibrant hues. The one constant in Bennu’s paintings is the lightness in their compositions, always exuberating the positive energy in which they were created. Read more

03-10-2018. Author Bennu, 75 x 105 cm, oil on canvas

Bennu’s World Of Abstract Expressionism

November 11, 2018 UAE Business 0

Bennu paints abstract paintings. The first direction of the artist’s works is a world of colors. In the artist’s paintings feel sentimentality, sincerity, experiences that turn into a storm of passions and emotions. Read more

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“Elements of life” Solo exhibition by Agnes Winogradsky at Gallery 76

January 28, 2018 UAE Business 0

Gallery 76 at the Dubai International Art Centre presents Elements of Life, a solo exhibition by the French artist, Agnès Winogradsky. Agnès is a qualified architect, who studied in Versailles, the School of Fine Arts in Brussels and studios in Baden-Baden. Opening ceremony will be held on 6th of February at 6:30pm at Gallery 76 and will run through till 12th of February. Read more