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Biz Guard’s bid to introduce new credit risks mitigation concepts for banks and financial institutions in UAE

May 18, 2018 UAE Business 0

History of events of credit defaults by entities from the trading sector has generally been a discouraging factor for the financial sector to engage in financing, which is a sheer opportunity loss for both the sectors as the trading sector contributes to a fairly large part of the country’s GDP. Envisioning the expected positive impact of Expo 2020 in future will further bring promising opportunities of business growth for all players in the country and as well as in the Middle East region. Such growth entails the need to facilitate the building of better financing environment for benefits of both the financial and trading sectors. Read more

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Eurisko Mobility Adds AI Bots to its Digital Experience Platform for Banks & Financial Institutions

September 26, 2017 UAE Business 0

In exciting news for both financial institutions and their customers, Lebanon-based mobile development leader Eurisko Mobility recently announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence Bots to its Digital Experience Platform (DXP), a cutting-edge solution tailored for banks and financial institutions. Eurisko’s fully customizable bots powers all DXP modules from Daily Banking and Personal Finance Management to Customer Relationship Management and Onboarding/Enrollment. DXP seamlessly integrates with any existing middleware via its microservice architecture, has a highly customizable User Interface and supports a wide range of digital touchpoints, including iOS & Android Smartphone/Tablets, Wearables, Responsive Web, ATM, Smart TV, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality headsets. The change is expected to transform the entire way banks interact digitally with their customers. Read more