What’re your favorite places in the UAE?

April 1, 2019 UAE Business 0

The UAE is referred to around the globe as an ultimate tourist destination. They have the tallest tower on the planet, one of the loveliest mosques in the capital and obviously probably the best shorelines in the Middle East. But there is so much more than that in the UAE! Here we are going to discuss some of the must-see places in UAE: Read more


What things to keep in mind while traveling to Dubai?

April 1, 2019 UAE Business 0

Dubai has been named the seventh most visited city in the world. Over 14 million visitors visited Dubai last year. Dubai dazzled the visitors with its glittering skyline, man-made islands, massive shopping malls, and luxury hotels. Culture in Dubai can be very clear-cut. How should you dress? Should you tip waiters? Can you drink alcohol? Here are some tips for safe travel and fun times in Dubai. Read more

How travel to Dubai?

February 17, 2019 UAE Business 0

Dubai is one of those mystical cities that you hear so much about, but still never really know what to expect before traveling there. We all know Dubai could be a good traveling destination and for many of the folks it a center of attraction, once it comes to shopping as a result of Dubai shopping festival, is famous for its tourist destination as over three million people come back are connected to this festival. Read more

Dubai. Photo Credit: Khalid A . AL-Saif

How to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

February 4, 2019 UAE Business 0

For a city that flaunts a world-class open transportation framework, there’s frequently a confusion that movement among Dubai and Abu Dhabi is nigh on impossible if you don’t get in a car and drive there yourself. While in the past this may have been valid, both Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority and the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi have buckled down lately to correct this issue. Read more

Some amazing facts about U.A.E.

January 31, 2019 UAE Business 0

The United Arab Emirates has experienced a huge change in the previous couple of decades which is famous. This is a cutting edge nation with class-apart infrastructure and hosts a huge number of visitors consistently. United Arab Emirates has a vast and colorful history, culture and lifestyle truly unique to the region and to the world. Here are some interesting facts about UAE: Read more