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Energy from Waste; The New Revolution In The GCC

December 13, 2017 UAE Business 0

The oil price drop in 2014 has led countries in the GCC to think of better and alternative ways to generate energy other than consistent reliance on the oil. Governments within the GCC are all turning to explore the option of producing energy from waste which is in line with the UAE’s goal 2021 to divert 75 percent of solid waste away from landfills. Read more

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US$ 90 billion will be invested in KSA’s energy sector

July 28, 2017 UAE Business 0

Saudi Arabia is planning a national program to optimise water and energy consumption, and intends to reduce subsidies for fuel, power and water. Major restructuring of the kingdom’s energy and water sectors will take place as part of the Saudi vision 2030. Read more

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The Wealthy Philanthropist Dr Alvaro Sobrinho Sees Clean Energy As the Key to Africa’s Economic Growth

April 13, 2017 UAE Business 0

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho is a successful Angolan banker and philanthropist who has made it a personal mission of sorts to see to it that Africa’s strongest economies become even stronger still. To be specific, Dr Álvaro Sobrinho focuses on investing in scientific initiatives, technology, and higher education. Read more