Skyline of Downtown Dubai with Burj Khalifa from a Helicopter. 27 May 2015. Author Tim Reckmann.

Investing in Dubai’s Real Estate. A real estate brokerage firm achieved an AED 175-million sales mark for property projects in Dubai.

October 6, 2018 UAE Business 0

Al Basel Real Estate Brokers, a part of the Al Basel Group of Companies, achieved an AED 175-million sales mark for property developer Deyaar’s The Atria, Mont Rose, and Central Park projects in Dubai. Boasting robust partnerships with renowned property firms in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, the company owed its latest positive performance recorded from January 2016 up to July 2018 to the robust appetite of local, regional, and global investors for luxury, high-end real estate developments in the emirate. Read more

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Best’s Market Segment Outlook: Gulf Cooperation Council Market Outlook is Negative

February 11, 2018 UAE Business 0

A.M. Best has a negative outlook on the insurance markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Insurers in the GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) have historically enjoyed significant capital buffers and benefited from extensive reinsurance support; however, continuing headwinds could lead to potential volatility in the operating performance and capitalisation of market participants. Read more

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Two UAE Firms Lead the World’s Hottest Retailers

January 31, 2018 UAE Business 0

Around the world, there are 250 top retailers that generate $4.4 trillion in revenue with a net profit of 3.2 percent. Two of these firms are in the retail market in the UAE, including Lulu Group with a 32 percent share of the market and 131 stores in GCC, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Also in the retail market in the UAE is Majid Al Futtaim Holding. Both retailers are listed at number 141 and 151 respectively. Read more

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MBR Systems Market Booms in KSA, UAE, and Iran due to Reuse, Recycling and Treatment Initiatives

November 14, 2017 UAE Business 0

Collaboration between membrane suppliers, local water OEMs, and system integrators creates growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Environment & Water team
The membrane bioreactors (MBR) systems market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirate (UAE), and Iran is witnessing double-digit growth as wastewater treatment, reuse and recycling initiatives gain momentum. Energy efficiency, an attractive payback period, and prolonged life span are further factors augmenting growth. To harness a wealth of untapped opportunities, membrane suppliers should collaborate with local water original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to access lucrative new-build projects and a ripe replacement market. Read more