Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade

With US $70 billion non-oil trade with UAE by 2020. China looking to expand its investment through participation in Annual Investment Meeting

January 31, 2019 UAE Business 0

The United Arab Emirates has managed to achieve a qualitative leap in its economy during the recent years due to the adoption of forward-looking strategy and in anticipation of strategic plans for the future. This move has strengthened UAE’s position on the map of world economy. Read more

Dubai FDI showcases Dubai’s strategic advantages in Spain

Dubai FDI showcases Dubai’s strategic advantages in Spain

December 17, 2018 UAE Business 0
  • Investments in Dubai predicted to reach up to USD 800 million in 2018
  • Spanish investors show strong interest in the construction, technology and equipment sectors in Dubai
  • Previous investments focused on tourism reached USD 500 million this year

 In a bid to further boost Dubai’s strong investment and trade relations with Spain, the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI), the investment development agency of Dubai Economy (DED), recently held a strategic meeting with major industries and key investors at the Circulo Ecuestre in Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with Senda International Company. The meeting formed part of Dubai FDI’s efforts to showcase Dubai’s competitive edge to attract international investors and boost the emirate’s socio-economic development. Read more

Finance conference speakers take a more optimistic view of shipping market trends

Finance conference speakers take a more optimistic view of shipping market trends

November 9, 2018 UAE Business 0

The fourth Maritime Standard Ship Finance and Trade Conference, held at Abu Dhabi’s Sheraton Hotel and Resort, was in many ways very different from the preceding three events in this increasingly popular series. While in other years the sense of challenge and adversity was dominant, this year speakers at the one-day conference were generally much more optimistic and upbeat about market prospects, although a number of potential hazards on the road to full recovery were also much in evidence. Read more

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Latvia, UAE Initiates Strategic Ties in Trade Relations and Tourism

May 5, 2018 UAE Business 0

Latvia sets forth to promote its strong relations with the UAE. In an exclusive interview, Her Excellency Astra Kurme, Latvian Ambassador to the UAE marks Latvia’s centennial anniversary of independence, acknowledging 100 years of its tremendous progress, political stability and economic growth that mirrors the Year of Zayed commemoration, celebrating 100 years of the late Sheikh Zayed, the visionary and founding father of the UAE. Read more